Lizards and Other Outdoor Creatures

Try to perform your best lizard, lady bug, or roly poly impression. Yeah, I got nothin’ too.  But, my kids, they’ve talked to those creatures and can tell you, without hesitation, what their voices sound like (accents and all) and where each creature would score on a personality quiz.

Countless creepy, crawly, slimy, or slow-moving creatures miraculously strike up engaging conversations with my kids as if they were meeting over coffee. Usually during this “coffee talk”, the insect pleads to be adopted as a family member and move in to my kids’ room.

I know this because on any given day, my six-year-old will walk like she’s navigating a tight rope through either the front door or side door of the house leading to “Narnia” (a.k.a. our backyard), shifty eyes and all, uniting her hands in the shape of a dome, then catch my investigative-stare, and announce, “He wants to come inside.”

On the other hand, our three-year-old loves a good animal chase. I can only compare this to what I imagine a spectator of a bull ride feels like. Secretly, I hope my toddler makes it the full 8 seconds of the chase, but typically my nature-loving side is the one yelling out, “leave that bird alone Hudson!!”

But, my son hears the bird (or insert a different flying animal) say “Tag you’re it!!” Regardless of how close this kid is to a highway to hell (a.k.a I-4), if he sees a bird on the ground trying to eat, waddle, or people-watch, he’ll lock on target like a fighter pilot and throttle at mach speed toward anything with a wing span.

My point…the next time a wee one acts as the human ambassador for nature, I feel like we should go with it.


2 thoughts on “Lizards and Other Outdoor Creatures

  1. Donna Akers says:

    So funny and beautifully written! You had me smiling from ear to ear as I imagined what all this little person adventure looked like! I love that you see and claim the joy in the simple things in life!


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