Knock Knock…

My nephew Liam tried out a knock knock joke on me recently, “Knock knock.” You know the next line…“Who’s there?” Poker-faced Liam replies, “Bacon.” Our turn… “Bacon who?” Wait for it… “Baconham Lincoln.” Mic dropped.

My daughter Arden’s comedic style is to skip straight to the punchline. “Knock knock.” “Who’s there?” “Stinky feet.” There’s no middle, just a surprise ending.

I’m not a comedy writer, but if I was, I think my control group for trying out material would be kids. They haven’t been conditioned by fear-of-failure yet and there is concentrated genius in their delivery and unexpected punchlines. They make you think without thinking. Just try to think without thinking!

Joking aside…kids make the best comedians.


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